NEUTRAL LUXURY For some seasons, it has returned the taste for the ceramic tiles of more classic style but that, at the same time, bring a touch of sophistication. Neutral Luxury is the name of this ceramic trend related to luxury and is inspired by the superiority of materials. In a sense they are sober…
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New Trends for 2017

NEW TRENDS FOR 2017 WHITE “Color” is one of the key elements of the decoration for the house because it is able to illuminate each and every one of its corners. This is the case of white, non-color, which has the virtue of illuminating, expanding, or providing sobriety wherever it is used. Through its different…
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White the main color

It is the ultimate neutral, which would favor large number of combinations and the preferred one for using in walls. White is the king of tones, but sometimes it must be handled carefully. White is the predominant color in most houses where it becomes the bottom of all space, thanks to the ease with which…
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Like a spa at home

Only by saying "I'm going to take a shower to relax a little" turns out to be fully reliever. But imagine the scenario no longer has only one vertical water output but a series of jets that massage your whole body to achieve a real break, with perfect temperatures and the possibility of putting the…
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